Kuka / Midea

Kuka / Midea: German Protectionism and CFIUS Scrutiny

Publication Date: June 2, 2016

Contents (32 Pages):

1. Kuka and the Industrial Robotics Market 2. Midea’s Questionable Strategic Rationale for the Acquisition 3. CFIUS Scrutiny and a Potentially Critical Review 4. EU Scrutiny and German Protectionism Feasibility 5. Strategies Behind Keeping Kuka Listed and the 30% Condition 6. Voith and Loh: Stalemate or Counterbid? 7. Financial Valuation Analysis 8. Precedent CFIUS Reviews and Relevant Deals 9. Deal Structure and Timing Expectations 10. Break Price, Implied Probabilities and the Risk Arbitrage Spread

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