February 18, 2016 | Industrials | Europe | Ended

Syngenta / ChemChina: CFIUS Analysis, Monsanto

This event driven research report explores Monsanto’s issues and need to acquire Syngenta, and whether Monsanto can structure and implement a feasible counterbid. We introduce the Manalo Merger Database, our proprietary resource of European M&A deals, looking at relevant precedent deals for Syngenta/ChemChina in the context of risk arbitrage trading.

1. Monsanto’s Issues and Need to Acquire Syngenta 2. Whether Monsanto Can Structure and Implement a Feasible Counterbid 3. Relevant Precedent Deals in the Context of Risk Arbitrage Trading 4. ChemChina Background and the Strategic Rationale for the Merger 5. The CFIUS Review Process 6. CFIUS’ Historically Critical Approach to Chinese Firms 7. How CFIUS Might Assess the Merger 8. Potential Outcomes of the CFIUS Review 9. Controversial Links Between the U.S. Government and Monsanto 10. Antitrust Considerations Outside the U.S. 11. Syngenta Break Price and the Implied Probability of Completion 12. Timing Expectations and Other M&A Considerations

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