June 26, 2017 | Media | Europe | Ended

Sky / Twenty-First Century Fox: UK Political Impacts on the Sky-Fox Deal

What will the political fallout from the recent UK general election mean for the Sky / Fox transaction? Theresa May holds a precarious position as Prime Minister, and we ask whether the Conservatives’ agreement with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), signed today, will keep the Tories in government for the remainder of the deal. We include background information on the legislative framework which enables a new general election to be called, and how the Conservatives, and Theresa May, will try to hold on to power for the next five years, let alone until Sky / Fox closes. We include expert insights on the deal impacts if Karen Bradley is replaced as SoS following a future cabinet reshuffle, or in the event of a Labour general election win.

1. Can the Conservatives Hang on to Power Until the Deal Closes? 1.1 Legislative and Political Framework – When Can the Next General Election Be Triggered? 1.2 Can a Conservative-DUP Agreement Work? 2. The Impact of a Conservative Leadership Contest or Cabinet Reshuffle on the Deal 2.1 How Long Will Theresa May Survive as Prime Minister and Would Her Potential Replacement Support Sky / Fox? 2.2 Would Karen Bradley be Replaced as SoS in a Cabinet Reshuffle? 3. Would an Incoming Labour Secretary of State Block the Deal?

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