Shire / Takeda

Shire / Takeda: Heading into the Takeda AGM on 28 June 2018

Publication Date: June 25, 2018

Research Report Overview

The AGM is increasingly important for Shire / Takeda because a specific proposal put forth by dissident Takeda shareholders has expedited and invigorated the deal’s key risk: the Takeda vote. We provide an update on the transaction ahead of Takeda’s AGM on 28-Jun-18 in Osaka, Japan (10am local time).

Contents (7 Pages):

1. Takeda Dissident Shareholders and Precedent Voting Tendencies 2. The Two Arguments and Why Takeda’s Board Will Most Likely Prevail 3. Repercussions of the Takeda Vote Outcome 4. Takeda Management’s Strategy to Convince Shareholders Through 4Q’18 Appendix A. Selected Figures Illustrating the Takeda Shareholder Base

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